Hydrodynamic separators have been a great tool for trash/debris capture and sediment removal for over a decade. They are recommended to be used upstream of the infiltration/detention systems and can significantly reduce maintenance cost and improve service life of the downstream structures.


  • Removal of sediment and TSS
  • 100% capture of floatable trash
  • Removal of oils and grease from stormwater runoff (meets Class II Oil Collector requirements)
  • Stormwater treatment for new developments and redevelopment projects
  • Stormwater treatment Municipal/ DOT expansions or improvements for streets, roadways and parking lots
  • Pretreatment for infiltration, stormwater detention and stormwater filtration
  • Available in 4-ft, 6-ft, 8-ft, 10-ft and 12-ft units. 


Please contact StormWater Experts for design assistance and system drawings.